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This body of work is meant to show different stages of state of mind in which I have been during the last year, but I do also feel and hope that other people can relate to them. For the first couple of pictures I have chosen the dark colours and also the model never looks back at the viewer. Next pictures are gradually getting brighter and colours are starting to appear just to then go back to more mystique atmosphere. In life there is no “happy” or “sad” ending but there are some good and bad points in our existence, so I would like the viewer to appreciate those moments and their consistence in mixing and changing from one mood swing to another.

About Me

I am originally coming from Poland where I used to be surrounded by nature through all my childhood. I remember my family house which was (and still is) situated on the top of the hill, with river at the bottom and the forest above. Absolutely beautiful place which was sort of magical-especially the forest which was changing its mood and kind of magic depending on the time of the year...
Fascinated by nature I have been horse riding since I was about 9 years old and since then I knew how important the bond between the horse and its rider is and learned about interspieces friendship.
I have been photographing since I can remember, although I fully consciously reached for the camera in my early 20's when I have started to photograph my horse that have been gifted to me. From that moment I knew that photographing animals and nature is something that I would like to do and that I loved doing it. After short time I have developed my own style and also started to bring fantasy into my pictures where I also begun to make a pictures of people.
In my pictures I am always trying and hoping to capture something unique at the moment and time, some unexpected pose, lovely natural light or delicate wind moving the hair of my subject and most important emotions...

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  • Blackpool, England, United Kingdom